You.i TV Newsletter - April 2017

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Welcome to the first edition of our You.i TV Newsletter - this month we cover upcoming training dates,  the first release of You.i Engine One, You.i Engine SDK 4.4 as well as upcoming NAB events.


This 3 day workshop will give your designers and developers the tools and skills they need to start building beautiful apps on the You.i Engine. The best part? These workshops are completely free! By the end of the 3 days, your designers/developers will have built fully functional apps, which they will be able to demo when they get back home.

3-Day Kick Start Training: Course Outline

When: May 2nd - May 4th

Where: You.i TV Headquarters Ottawa, ON, Canada

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You.i Engine One Evaluation Release

We are happy to announce that our out of the box product - is now available as an evaluation release.

You.i Engine One extends our platform to provide fully-functional SVOD business model support, our UX design workflow, additional player support and integration with Comcast Technology Solutions’ Online Video Platform.

  • Business Model Support - SVOD
  • Account and Authentication - Ability to present different subscription packages and free trial
  • UX Design Workflow - Customizable and configurable user experience -  leveraging Adobe After Effects
  • User Experience - Complete screens and functionality required for browsing and search including main lander, program details page, episodes, category filtering, sorting, watch history and settings.
  • Player Support - Full player functionality including closed captioning, and support for platform players such as AV Player and EXO Player.
  • Back End - Integrated to Comcast Technology Solutions Online Video Platform with the flexibility to integrate to any back end service via You.i Engine APIs
  • Crash Reporting
  • English and Spanish language support

Platform Support









Amazon Fire TV

Coming Soon to You.i Engine One

  • Account and Authentication
    • Transactions: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore (SVOD)
    • Geo Restriction
    • Concurrent Stream Limits (SVOD)
  • Video Playback
    • State Base Play
    • DRM
    • Airplay
    • Chromecast
  • Analytics
    • Playback Events and QoS Instrumentation
    • Page Views and Event Instrumentation
    • App Analytics Dashboard
  • Business Models
    • TVE and AVOD
  • Expanded support to 4 additional platforms

For more information on You.i Engine One please contact your account manager or visit our product page.

You.i Engine SDK 4.4 Now Available!   

Samsung Tizen Support, UI Samples,  Usability Improvements and more.

Some highlights from the latest release:

  • Improved Keyboard Experience -  We’ve adapted the behaviour of our keyboards to more closely match those of the platforms.
  • Auto Layouts - The new Auto layout that assigns margins to its children based on initial position and size. It's now easier than ever to design screens that can adapt to any resolution
  • List Views - Our list views have been completely rebuilt from the ground up to allow developers to create beautiful and responsive list views.
  • Testing and Debug Support -  Klocwork used to improve the stability and security of the code base. The You.i team is leveraging Appium to improve the stability of the SDK. As we work to improve the functionality of our automated testing solution, preview releases will soon be available for anyone wanting to add automated testing to their applications.
  • Beta Support for Samsung Tizen - We are excited to be working closely with Samsung on Tizen platform as we bring our support to full commercialization.
  • Javascript Bindings Alpha Release - We have a preview version of our javascript bindings which aims to make the platform more easily developed by javascript language.

Read the full release notes or download 4.4

Sneak Peek at You.i Engine SDK 4.5 and beyond

  • Deep Linking - drive viewers directly to your content
  • Support for Roku Platform - reach new customers and ensure your app is fully Roku compliant.

On Location

Come see us at NAB in Las Vegas, NV April 20-27th 2017.

You.i TV will be hosting meetings in their show floor meeting room. Meeting room number is #SU12024MR.

Jason Flick is speaking on two different panels:

   - April 24, 2017: The Mobile and App-Driven Video Revolution is Here

  - April 25, 2017: The Art (and Science) of InAppAds: Cracking Big Brand Budgets

Matt Nelson will be speaking on the "What can we Expect to Change the Direction of TV Viewing" in 2017 panel, hosted by BroadcastBeat.