Preliminary Engine One documentation


The documents below are preliminary versions of Engine One documentation. We do our best to ensure all documentation is up-to-date; however, these documents are being written in tandem with development, which means some sections may be incomplete. 

The content in each is subject to change. 

Engine One Overview  Describes Engine One's high-level architecture, key features and benefits, and the app configuration and launch process. 
Engine One Installation Describes what is included with the Engine One installation package and how to set up/configure your development environment. 
Engine One Designer Tasks Describes the key tasks designers will do in Engine One, such as: designing screens and screen flows, working with After Effects, and reskinning an existing app. 
Engine One Developer Tasks  Describes key tasks developers will do in Engine One, such as: customizing screens and navigation, modifying a screen flow or content, working with adapters, and troubleshooting. 
Reference Diagrams  Contains a set of diagrams that point out the various screens available in Engine One and the elements on each screen.