You.i Engine Tips & Tricks

Some tips and tricks to help you design for You.i Engine applications effectively.


Here are some tips and tricks to help you use design for You.i Engine applications effectively and avoid costly mistakes.

Exporting Fonts 

If fonts appear with the log and layout file that means that these fonts haven’t been added to the project yet. Ensure that the fonts are supposed to be used in the project and then commit them with all the other files. Failure to do so will break the build for people who don’t have the fonts installed on their machines.


Always Test Your Changes

Even if you don’t get any errors or warnings when you export, your changes may still cause a bug or a crash once they are in the app. Always test your changes on a local build before committing.  


Communicate What You Are Doing

If you are changing a layout or adding new buttons and classes, make sure to discuss them with a developer, preferably a subject matter expert or someone with knowledge of the file. When you commit your changes, include a description of your changes in the comments section so people will know what you’ve done. This also helps keep a record of when changes were made in case a bug or a crash needs to be tracked to the commit that introduced it to the build.


Avoid Changing Names and Removing Components

You.i Engine uses names of compositions, markers, and layers in its code. If a name is changed or the component is removed, You.i Engine won’t be able to find what it’s looking for and the app will likely crash or not function as expected.


Use Null Objects and Parenting to help organize animations

Animations can be applied to null objects and other layers can be parented to the null object. This helps keep animations on a timeline more organized.