Project File Structure

The project folder should have a strong file structure so that everything is well organized and easy to locate. The file structure used to contain a You.i Engine TV Everywhere application is outlined below.

The Basics:

  • Project>AE (.aep files go here)
  • Project>AE>assets>drawable>default (default images go here)
  • Project>AE>assets>drawable>* (alternate images go here e.g. small, 4k, alt-brand, .etc)
  • Project>AE>assets (exported fonts go here)
  • Project>AE>assets>layout (export information goes here e.g. timelines, logs, layout files, .etc)

The overall structure of your project's folder should look very similar to this:

For the the large part of After Effects (AE) production you will be focusing on the AE folder:

This is where you will be doing most of your production work. You should save all your new After Effects (AE) files here. Files exported using the You.i Engine After Effects plug-in will end up in your layout folder. All the .pngs and other assets you use in your AE files should be saved to your assets folder in both the default, full size, and small, half size, folders. Fonts will be automatically saved to the assets folder when you export your files with the You.i Engine After Effects plug-in.