Past You.i Engine SDK Releases

The full download package includes all supported platforms and the contents of the After Effects Plug-in download package. The latter contains both OS X and Windows plug-ins and may be downloaded separately. All packages are zip file format.

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Version Full AE Plug-in Release Date
4.2.16   download  download  Oct 20, 2016
4.2.15  download  download  Oct 13, 2016
4.2.14  download  download  Oct 6, 2016
4.2.13  download  download  Sept 29, 2013
4.2.12  download  download  Sept 13, 2016

If you need a release that does not have a download link please get in touch with your You.i Support contact.

Release Notes


  • Fixed crash on Android in some cases when the platform was notified of text or cursor position changes for a CYITextEditView that wasn't the current receiver.
  • Fixed issue in which buttons stay pressed if focus is lost while pressing.


  • Added support for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+.
  • Fixed crash on Android when switching from a CYITextEditView with max length to one already populated with more text than that length.
  • Fixed issue on Amazon Fire TV in which, in some cases, the keyboard would remain hidden after a CYITextEditView received focus and the user needed to press select on the remote before the keyboard appeared.


  • Added localOpacity and compositeOpacity attributes to the getSrc and getAttributes Appium commands.
  • Fixed issue on iOS in which CYIAssetLocator was not refreshed on orientation changes preventing runtime asset selection based on CYIAssetConfigurations that test for orientation.
  • Fixed issues on Android in which returning from a web view or certain other backgrounding/foregrounding displayed a black screen. 
  • Fixed issue on Android, Linux and Windows in which the network timeout value was used to set the connection timeout value.
  • Fixed issue on Android in which HTTPS requests did not work on arm64-v8a devices.
  • Made getting data from CYIPersistentCache thread safe, no longer crashes in some circumstances.


  • Support for Roku and WebOS platforms has been deprecated.
  • Xbox One is now supported via Universal Windows Platform (UWP) only. Support for Xbox Development Kit (XDK) and Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) has been deprecated. App submission using XDK/ADK will not be allowed after Jan 2017. 
  • iOS and tvOS download packages have been reduced in size by no longer including the non-universal binaries.
  • Fixed issue in Android in which when locking the device the keyboard would dismiss but would not come back up after unlocking the device and returning to the app.
  • An HTTP response containing multiple Set-Cookie header fields on Apple platforms is now split into multiple key value pairs as opposed to one comma separated header field.
  • Audio volume changes on Android devices can now be responded to via CYIAudioVolumeBridgeAndroid's StartObservingVolumeChanges and StopObservingVolumeChanges methods.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the CYIAbstractDataModel where the child data model items were not being deleted when the data model was deleted or cleared.
  • CYIAbstractScreenViewController calls Begin() and End() instead of CYIViewController's implementations allowing subclasses to implement their own Begin() and End().


  • Fixed issue in which After effects crashes during export when layer has very long name e.g. paragraph text.
  • Fixed issue giving duplicate symbols errors in CYIHTTPServicePriv_Default when linking on Android.
  • Now able to add multiple headers with the same name on Apple devices.
  • All Network traffic routed through the CYIHTTPService will now respect the proxy setting on Android.
  • Fixed issue with CYIScrollingTextView class in which calling SetText after calling SetSize would result in text lines being created with an incorrect size.
  • Fixed issue in which changing focus while opening the keyboard on PS4 could cause the keyboard to get stuck open.
  • Fixed issue in which a black screen is displayed after launching an app on iOS 7, then renders correctly after rotating the device.
  • Fixed issue in which, on OSX, every character typed into a TextEditView resulted in two TextChanged signals.
  • ReturnKeyPressed is now emitted when enter is pressed on Android keyboard.